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Whoops! Killed your car!

Um… Hey, fellow superheroes… or whatever… I have a little story I’d like to share. It has to do with something that’s been nagging at my brain for a while.

Ok, so… A little while ago there were those fires up in L.A. right. I went up there to help out and such, since being diamond makes me impervious to burns and all that I seemed perfect for the job. So, I’m walking around in the fires and using the fire hose from the fire trucks and trying my best to put the brush out.

Firefighters are a bunch of pretty cool dudes if you ever get the chance to talk to some by the way.

Anyway, so I’m doing my thing and I see that the fire has burnt up the side of this huge hill up towards a residential area. A couple of houses are already catching fire.

So, immediately I think, “Oh, shit. Not good.”

So, I signal a couple of the firemen and they take the hose from me. It’d take the firefighters too long to get up there, so I motioned to the houses then I headed towards them by myself.

When I got up close to one of the bigger houses that were on fire I heard screaming. I ran up towards the front of the house and saw that most of the residents were packing up their cars and evacuating. In front of the house on top of the hill there was a whole bunch of people screaming and yelling and generally freaking out. Once I got up to them they started screaming and yelling at me to do something and how there was a kid still inside the house and blah blah blah.

So, I charge into the house looking around for this kid. The fire has engulfed most of the kitchen and all the other rooms are clear, so I head upstairs. I search through the kid’s room and all the closets and bathrooms. I finally find the kid huddled up in his parent’s bathtub scared out of his mind.

Smoke is billowing up the stairs by this time, so I figure that’s not the best way to get out of the house for the kid’s sake.

So, I grab the kid and wrap him up in a blanket and jump out of his parents’ bedroom window… and landed right now top of their shiny silver BMW. The cab crumpled beneath me like tin foil.

The kid was fine and nobody got hurt… but, the kid’s Dad was pretty pissed that I wrecked his new car and crushed all the belongings they had packed up inside. The kid’s Mother couldn’t care less about the car. She was just glad that her kid was okay.

Anyway, long story short, my daring rescue kinda ended badly. Anything like this ever happen to any of you guys?
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