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[Black Witch post]

Guys. Question. For you actual supers out there, ever had an issue with...control? I'm having a difficult time; I keep causing freakish downpours, exceptionally hot days, and you may have noticed on the news how it uh...well. We wont go into any more of that. The point is, I think I need some help with figuring this out. I haven't had 'em long, so I don't know how to reign it in. I don't even know how I got these powers.
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Yeah, there're a few incidents I'm going to refrain from talking about...

First thing is to figure out what activates your powers. Does it depend on your mood? On the circumstances? Is it a compulsion that just 'takes you over'?
Eheheh. Sorry? the lightening storm was totally an accident!

Actually, now that you mention it, it sort of does depend on my mood. On Thanksgiving, when I froze the freezer, my brother had really pissed me off, and I had smacked the freezer while I was yelling at him. Sometimes it feels like they /are/ taking me over like, I'm not even in control of my own body anymore, you know?!
Oh, Huh. Just anger, or other emotions, too? At the risk of another blackout, can you use them even when you're not angry?
Other emotions too. Yes, I can use them when I'm not upset in any way. It's still not very well controlled though, since I don't really know what I'm doing...
I suggest a trip to the middle of nowhere, in that case! Go camping or - something. Something far away from electrical lines. Take some time and see what you can do out there.
That's a really good idea. I haven't actually tested everything out yet~! Thanks!
You're welcome!
I second Doctor McCreepypants up there. Though it's kinda nice to be able to blame the weather on someone other than nature.
Yeah, I guess it probably is. *sigh*
I can sympathize with inability to control one's powers. When mine first started developing, I had a terrible time learning how to control them. I actually, erm...blew up a toilet.
Practice makes perfect, fortunately.
You've done that too? I'm so glad I'm not the only one. I'm getting better at it, though.